Katie’s Roar

Welcome to the pop-up fundraising web store for Katie’s Roar. The store will be open through Sunday, November 7th. Orders will be bagged and delivered on November 19th to the Bjorndahl Family in Hawley, who will coordinate the handout thereafter. If you need to have your items shipped to you, we have added an item in the store for a flat rate shipping option (USPS Medium Flat Rate Box). Please include this item in your cart at checkout should you require shipping, and we will send your order directly to you.

Due to the ongoing challenges with international shipping and inventory availability, we will do our best to find the items in the color requested. However, if we are unable to get a blank item into our shop for decoration, we will reach out and discuss options (e.g. changing the color, size, or refunding the purchase of the item in question) Thank you in advance for your flexibility if needed!

Enter the store here:

Please note the charge on your bank or credit card statement will be from PayPal & include the name TSQUAREDLLC.

Please take care in reviewing sizes (product measurements are included in each product description), as we are not able to offer returns on your custom orders.  If you have any questions, please e-mail Erik at erik@t-squaredllc.com.

Thank you for your purchase!